Saturday, October 31

More Halloween Fun: No Words Necessary!

Happy Halloween!

Since it was cold and rainy, we opted not to trick-or-treat or hand out candy...instead we packed up our little flower and went out for a celebratory dinner with Daddy's birthday gift card. Oh yeah, did I mention we bought a house yesterday?!? We will be home to stay in early December -- just in time to spend Christmas with our family.

Nora had 2 Halloween outfits, so appropriately, she wore one during the day and one out to dinner. Note to self: Next time we have 2 to choose from, the one that is able to be washed should be the one worn to dinner.

::costume change::
Nora has a Baby Einstein book we read, and every time we get to the page with a flower on it, she smells the page. So last night when we got dressed up and looked in the mirror, I told her "Look Nora is a flower!" and she leaned in and smelled her reflection -- did I mention my kid is smart?!?

At dinner, an older couple stopped to coo at Nora as they were leaving. The old man looked to me and said, "She's so good! Must be a breastfed baby." I didn't confirm or deny, but I was beaming inside.

Wednesday, October 28

Monday, October 26

Catchin Up

Have you missed us? Sorry to keep you in the dark -- lots going on lately.

First and foremost, we got an offer on the house! The buyers want to take possession Jan. 1, so I'm frantically searching for a place for us to live (if you know of anywhere, I'm open to suggestions!) and I got a good start on packing already.

Nora is constantly on the go. Her new favorite venture is sprinting for the stairs every time we turn our heads, and our less-than-ideal staircase doesn't really allow for a gate of any kind -- definitely keeping us on our toes.

She's becoming quite the problem solver. In addition to climbing the stairs, she has also learned that if she goes up to the kitchen landing she can crawl onto the couch, which puts her at perfect height to snatch halloween candy from the bucket on the sofa table behind the couch.

Daddy returned from the QC with a beautiful tutu and some yummy homemade applesauce from Nana Buskirk.

Nora recently learned how to brush her fuzz. She brushes her teeth every night before bed too.

We just got back yesterday from a weekend in Missouri. Mimi, Nora and I drove down to visit Grandpa Barnes in the Ozarks. It was a lot of driving, but well worth it! Sure wish Grandpa could be closer :( I think he enjoyed his time with Nora though.

Now we're off to bed

Friday, October 16

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Look at all that gray hair! Are you 29 or 40?!?

Wednesday, October 14

Wordless Wednesday: Prettier than a Picture

This is only a fraction of the photos -- Shawna sent us home with a disk that had more than 300 images! See more from our photoshoot here.

Sunday, October 11

Playing in the Snow

My profuse apologies for my lack of posts -- toddlers are tiring!

Saturday morning we woke up to a wintry, snow-covered wonderland. It had begun early in the morning and a layer had already coated the grass and trees. Thankfully, it melted shortly after the snowfall ceased -- but not before Nora got to feel (and eat) some. Since she was so small this time last year, it was her first time playing with snow.

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