Friday, March 26

18 Month Stats

We met Nora's new pediatrician today. I don't love him, but I don't hate him either. He just wasn't very...friendly. He wasn't overly personable and he didn't get too excited about N either -- I loved how our old pedi would engage with her and this new doc was very get-down-to-business like.

He reprimanded us for a few things (including blaming us for 400 children in California getting measles), and commended us for still having her rear-facing in her car seat and not encouraging her to watch TV. I guess we're half way good parents.

Nora weighed 23.5 pounds, putting her in the 50th percentile, and is 33 inches long, putting her in the 75th percentile for height. I forget the head circumfrence but it was also 50th percentile.

She did have to  get two pokes today, her DTaP #4 and polio #3, but she handled it like a champ. No more vaccines until her 2 year checkup - yay!

Have a good weekend!

Wednesday, March 24

Monday, March 22

Craft day at John Deere Pavilion

On Saturday, we went to check out the baby chicks at JD Pavilion with some of our friends from tumbling class.

Nora got to:

Climb on tractors

Milk (OK water) a cow

Make a chick like the live ones we saw

And be silly

I think it wore her out

Tuesday, March 16

18 Month Review

In case you missed that, I said 18 month review, as in Nora is 18 months old today! I can honestly say it has flown. I've been twiddling my thumbs trying to think ingenuis commentary to write, but I got nothing -- I'm still in disbelief.

One year ago I was blogging about Nora's first time at the playground, and now I stand back and watch her run, talk to the dogs, give hugs and kisses (oh and high fives), read books, and tumble. I never cease to be amazed at her newest talent and her ability to absorb her surroundings.

I don't blog as much as I used to (though I try to post pics often!) and I feel like I skip over so many stories that give us endless entertainment.

Last week, Charlie was on his hands and knees looking for her nuk in her room when Nora came up, grabbed the back of his pants, looked down and said, "Poo?" And I continue to laugh even as I type.

She's also becoming quite resourceful with her words. Recently she's picked up:
  • Bee
  • Poo
  • Pse (please)
  • Mo (more)
  • Na (banana)
  • Eat
  • Teau
  • Dog dog (Charlie firmly believes she says it twice because we have two dogs)
  • Me (not to be confused with Mimi)

She enjoys coloring (and eating the crayons), being outside, and showing off. She loves to dance and will do so to any type of music, including elevator music.

She also loves people. We will be in the grocery store and she will walk up to strangers, take their hand, and try to lead them away. I'm fairly confident if anyone were to try to abduct her, she would gladly go along. At Aunt TJ's dance competion a couple weeks ago, she squeezed her way into the center of a circle of women who were chatting, and crossed her arms, moving one arm up and down like she was gesturing her sentance, and started if she were a part of the conversation. And then laughed when everyone laughed at her adorableness.

Nora is a big helper these days. She likes to throw things in the recycle bin and trash for me, loves helping in the kitchen by pouring measured ingredients into the bowl or pan, and if you're sad, she will gladly retrieve a tissue for you.

I still can't say I have a favorite age because so far I've loved them all, but watching her grow is so fun and rewarding. She is so affectionate, and maybe I'm biased, but she seems so smart for her age. I look forward to seeing how she changes and grows in the next 18 months.

Thursday, March 11

Say Hello to Davenport's New Resident Examiner

I've been on a mission to take on some freelance work to get back to what I love about writing. It seems the less writing I do, the grouchier I become -- writing is my outlet and without it I tend to retain emotion. It doesn't seem to matter what I write about, its just the simple act of doing it that provides a tension outlet for me, kind of like yoga.

My goals for this job are to get a jump start on building content for my portfolio, honing my writing skills and hopefully getting my name out there -- oh and did I mention it pays? Not much, rest assured I will not be jumping ship on my day job anytime soon, but being paid to write feels so much more meaningful and professional than blogging for free. It is important for you, all of my loyal readers, to note that it is a sliding pay scale based on the number of articles I submit and the feedback they receive (i.e. leave comments), how many followers I have, and the number of unique page views my articles receive so visit often!

Without further ado, I give you the Davenport Attachment Parenting Examiner.

Wednesday, March 10

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: At the Mall

Kara came to visit from Wisconsin. Forgetful me scheduled an oil change for my car during her visit and we ended up spending 2 hours at the mall waiting for my car to get done. Luckily, Kara is a good friend and she didn't seem to mind too much -- plus her and Nora had a good time, I think!

Sunday, March 7

Hello Spring

So nice to finally be able to go outside! Here's what we've been up to.

We had to change N's pants three times yesterday...but she had fun and it was worth it!

Saturday, March 6

A Winter Farewell

At a whopping 40 degrees, I decided to take N out for her first sledding the front yard. Now, before you criticize, I'm fully aware we look under dressed given the current temperature, but man did it feel WONDERFUL! I could have sworn it was 60 and it was only after I began typing this entry that I realized it was actually significantly cooler than I had thought. Without further ado, I give you our winter farewell in photo-story form.

Thursday, March 4

A First I'm Not Sad I Missed

Poor Bear must have been feeling under the weather on Wednesday. Day care had closed due to a power outage, so Mimi and I split the day taking care of N.

I dropped her off in the afternoon and headed off to work, and about an hour later Mimi called to say N had thrown up :{ Not only that, but it had gotten all over Mimi when it happened! Can't say I'm disappointed I wasn't there...there may have been two of us to clean up after!

For what it's worth, N seems like she's been fighting some sort of mild bug, but she's handling it well and doesn't seem to be slowed down by it one bit! Tough girl.

Monday, March 1

Mmm Mmmm Good

Why is it that 85% of the photos I post of this kid involve food? I think it's safe to say that in another 14% she is sleeping and 1% would fit into the Other category.

Here's what N has been eating lately.


Harris Pizza

IDK what she's eating, but look how good she's doing with her fork!


Maybe I always take photos when she's eating because eating seems to make her happy... who knows. I would venture to bet this won't be the last of them though ;)