Friday, January 30

Picture of the Day

I don't have much to say today, but I thought those of you who are following might like a new photo of Nora to admire!

Hope every one has a good weekend!

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Tuesday, January 27

Bookworm in Training

Charlie takes Nora to day care every morning, so he's gotten quite creative in finding ways to entertain her while he gets ready for work.

Saturday morning, I was trying to find an upright position that was comfortable for her and he stepped in and tells me, "No she likes to sit like this," as he propped her in the corner of the couch, snuggly tucked the boppy in around her, put a blanket over top of it for height and carefully placed several toys around her for her to choose from.

It was cute, and it worked! She played nicely in the corner while I got my coffee and got settled in for a relaxing day on the couch.

Good job Daddy!

Sunday, January 25

She's Officially a Monkey

Nora enjoyed her first big-kid food ever yesterday. It was just a couple bites, we didn't make a meal of it or anything, but she seemed to enjoy it while it lasted as long as I kept it coming fast enough! As soon as she finished mushing it against the roof of her mouth, she got mad because there wasn't more already.

I don't plan to make this a regular thing just yet, but a taste can't hurt right? OK, maybe I got a little excited...we'll likely wait a while before trying again.

The embedded video was really slowing down the site, so here's a link instead.

One bite got stuck to the roof of her mouth though...she wasn't thrilled. Other than that, it went well and the kids loved getting the leftovers.

Teau ate hers so fast, I didn't get a picture...then she stole Wrigley's and ate his too.

Saturday, January 24

We Survived!

Our first time apart that is.

I don't know that I was as smiley as Miss Nora, but we did it.

While I was in Portland for 3 days, Daddy, Uncle Devon and Mimi all helped watch Nora, and from the photos, it appears she had a good time.

Daddy learned about night feedings for the first time, Mimi washed her first load of Bum Genius pockets, and Uncle Devon got spit up on so much he had to change his shirt.

I brought the Web cam, so I did get to see her briefly during my trip. She was very intrigued (as was Wrigley) by the computer that sounded like mom!

Also while I was gone, she rolled 3 times for Mimi...all while Daddy was in the shower, so he is still yet to see it.

I think he's starting to think we're making stuff up.

All in all, it wasn't quite as bad as I anticipated, but I don't care to do it often. It is, however, nice to know you have a good, caring family to step in when you need them.

Now, I've got to get back to cuddling with the bear and making up for lost time.

Saturday, January 17

And We Have a Roller

She did it, she rolled!

Then she got very angry because she couldn't get off her tummy.

I know its not late for a baby to start rolling, but I really thought she was just going to bypass that milestone all together. She had absolutely no interest in trying to roll over -- she rarely ever lies down unless she's sleeping -- but then it just happened. Completely effortless, she just stretched her leg and rolled.

Yeah Nora!

Friday, January 16

The Fifth Month

Nora is 4 months old today!

Time to add a new page to the scrapbook. This time each month I look back and just can't believe how quickly it's flown and how much she's grown - no I'm not starting a Dr. Seuss book.

We have been so blessed to have such a happy and healthy baby. We braced ourselves for the hard part, and really, it never came - as long as she is being cuddled, Nora is content. And who can argue with extra cuddle time? I'm fairly certain it won't stay this way forever, so I'm relishing in it while it lasts.

Here is Nora's 4-month portrait:

See more photos from the fifth month here.

Thursday, January 15

To Eat Solids or Not To Eat Solids? That is the Question.

We probably won't start for a little while yet, but I want to get her used to her high chair. Not to mention that she now officially hates lying down, and it's nice to have a place for her to sit up while we eat.

I plan to just wait for her to cue that she is ready. She is sleeping well, and her hunger needs are being met, so I don't see any reason to start new foods just yet. If she holds out until 6 months or so, I think we'll just skip cereal all together and go straight for the good stuff. Either way, she looks pretty adorable in her chair I got put together Sunday night.

Monday, January 12

Wardrobe Woes

After arriving home from a typical Monday at work, Nora and I were catching up on the day, babbling back and fourth. The conversation went something like this:

Me: Hi baby! Did you have a good day with daddy?
Nora: [big cheesy smile]
Me: I see daddy picked out mismatched clothes for you today.
Charlie: What do you mean?
Me: [chuckle]
Charlie: What's funny? Her pants are pink and brown polka dots, and her shirt is pink and white...

Want to see what I saw?

Friday, January 9

Could It Be Teeth?!?

I picked up a sopping wet baby from day care today. Her onesie was wet from the neck to her belly button and she had already been changed into her spare clothes because the others were equally as wet.

Her teacher said she thinks Nora may be which I responded, "No she's just going through a drooling phase, it's totally normal (as if I know more than the day care lady)." She said she it was not just the drooling that makes her suspect this - she also has been putting any and every thing on her gums, tugging at her ear and being a restless napper.

I guess I noticed these things too, but didn't associate it with teething mainly because she is still very happy and I just plain don't see any teeth coming up. Generally a teething baby is a cranky baby, no?

What do you think? Happy, but teething shy of four months or just drooly and learning textures by putting everything in her mouth? I suppose this is another of those things only time will tell.

In other news, the votes are in - 80 percent of respondents said they will check our blog weekly, and the other 20 percent said they'll check back regularly...granted only 5 of you voted, the odds are still good, so I guess we will blog on.

Monday, January 5

Christmas in January

"The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree is the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other"
-Burton Hills

We were a whole month ahead of last year's schedule, managing to celebrate Christmas with the Buskirk's only a week and a half after the 25th. As it turns out, Nora is already a Euchre pro!

Over all, it was a good weekend! I think everyone enjoyed their gifts and I hear the cook was amazing ::wink:: Here are some other snapshots to highlight the festivities:

Saturday, January 3

The Essence of Childhood...

Is, of course, play. Nora is just starting to play - with toys, with people, you name it she wants to touch, smell and taste it - and it is such a fun and interesting stage.

She has been looking at colors and lights for a while, but this age of self discovery and realization that the world around her is made up of objects is so intriguing to watch. And a welcome relief that I don't have to be her 24-hour entertainment!

She has also begun to drool. Oh man does she drool. The other day I got to work and as I was taking off my scarf my hand came away looking like I had just submerged it in a pool of clear gak (remember that slimy, snot-like stuff made by Nickelodeon). I had only held her long enough to give her a kiss and say goodbye. It's ok though, it gives us a chance to use all the bibs that match her cute outfits!

Friday, January 2

My Spoiled Bear

We are very thankful for all of the wonderful gifts we received from family and friends for Christmas!

Charlie is now the proud owner of a new snowblower (while it was a gift for both of us, I say Charlie because the thing looks way too complicated for me to ever manage to maneuver), I am stir-crazying me some popcorn and Nora, well lets just say its a good thing we have 3 extra bedrooms in the house so we can store all of her stuff.

Here are a few of the gifts I have managed to get photos of:

"My first Christmas" bracelet from Kelly

Timmy the teddy from Grandpa Barnes

Jumperoo from Grandpa Dave and Grandma Laurie, which she is still a little short for :)

We also got a ton of new books, and Nora and I have put a good dent in them already. Click the album to see more Christmas photos.
Christmas 2008

Thanks everyone - and stay tuned.

Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year

Nora is 3 months old already! Though it took me this long to get the blog started, I'm not a complete slacker; I've got a good start on her first scrapbook. If you haven't seen it, come look!

It has been a busy, busy year! Here's a brief recap:
  • In February, just after my 22nd birthday, we found out baby Baugh was expected to arrive on Daddy's birthday, Oct. 16
  • March we went to Madison, Wisc. to celebrate Charlie being such a rockstar salesman. He received an award and a bonus for a combination of his sales numbers and customer satisfaction scores
  • April we finally closed on our house after six months of habitating here, and I got offered a big-kid job at MidAmerican as my internship was coming to a close
  • May Ashly graduated from Iowa State after 17 agonizing years of school in a row (but I'm secretly looking forward to going back for my Master's eventually)
  • June we took a family vacation to Panama City Beach with Mimi, Papaw and Aunt TJ
  • July we celebrated our first wedding anniversary
  • September baby Nora decided to make an early appearance at 35 weeks 5 days gestation

  • December Grandpa Dean passed. We feel so blessed to have had the time we did with him and that he got to meet Nora before he went

Here's to another happy, healthy, memorable year! Cheers.