Wednesday, July 29

...not so...Wordless Wednesday: OMG!

It feels as though all I have time for anymore is the wordless entries, so just a quick update on the house. So far we've had two open houses. Traffic, at the open houses and through scheduled showings, has been minimal. This Friday we're meeting with an agent to discuss listing with Remax. I'm not 100% convinced this is the best option, but it doesn't hurt to talk right? We're fast approaching our Aug. 14 deadline on the other house, and while the world would not stop turning if we didn't get it, I'm definitely going to be at least slightly crushed if we don't get it.

In other news, Erin is in the hospital awaiting baby Faith's arrival! She was induced yesterday morning and I just got a text saying her water was broken. We're keeping them in our thoughts and can't wait to see photos of their newest edition! Love ya, Erin!

OK now for the wordless part.

Sunday, July 26

Too Cute Not To Share!

Note: I do not give my child suckers, she apparently instinctively knows how to eat them!

On a side note, this is our 100th blog post! Whoop.

Wednesday, July 22

Wordless Wednesday: In Mama's Shoes


Thursday, July 16

Is It Possible? 10 Months Already?!?

Here we are, two months from a first birthday!

She's crawling, she's pulling herself up, she walks well while holding on to fingers, she bables (and screams - happy screams of course) a lot, she says Dada all.the.time., she says Mama when she's anrgy, she loves being chased, she thinks tickling is funny 1/2 the time, she eats ev-ry-thing in sight (food or not), she claps at things she likes and breathes quickly in and out of her nose in protest at things she doesn't, she likes to read books (short ones), she loves music (Carrie Underwood and Kelli Pickler are her favs), and her favorite toys are ones that play tunes or make loud noises when banged together. It is quite possible her favorite pasttime is turning the knobs on Dada's reciever, which has resulted in programming the max volume it can reach to significantly lower than its actual capability.

Lots of firsts this month! First visit to the zoo, first visit to the beach, first time meeting cousin Milo, first teeth appeard (4 are now poking through, but none are fully in), first time on a boat, first wedding...I'm sure there are more, but I've been terrible at documenting this month! I'll edit if I think of more.

We are proudly still breastfeeding and plan to continue, though she is up to two solids meals a day now and we'll probably increase to three soon.

We are also still co-sleeping, though it's getting a little violent with the thrashing of the legs and fingernails in my eyes at 2 a.m. (I have a post in mind on this coming soon, but haven't had time to get down all my thoughts).

Oddly, Nora has for the most part quit doing baby signs completely. She was getting very good at using signs for milk, come here, and all done, but she has abruptly stopped this month, mostly resorting back to screaming with no other indication as to what she wants, just that she (obviously) wants something. It's a little frustrating, but as the saying goes "this too will pass".

Here are a few pics from the month:

First trip (of many I'm sure ) to Olive Garden

Dancing at Shannon and Slim's wedding

On the Celebration Belle for lunch with Wood side of the family

Dare devils


Sharing popcorn with Mama for the first time (puffy part only of course)

...tantruming when Mama didn't have anymore popcorn

"Did you see that guy cut me off?"

Wednesday, July 15

Wordless Wednesday: Cheesin'

Nora has learned at an early age what "cheese" means. She could be at the peak of a tantrum, but if you pull out the camera and say that magic word she makes time for a big gummy grin...before proceeding through the end of her tantrum. Here are a few of my favorite captures.

Sunday, July 12

Sometimes You Just Need a Break

As eager as we are to sell and get back home, its easy to forget to stop and breathe. To take time and still enjoy life as is. Well today I needed a break -- so we built a maze and crawled until our (my!) knees were bruised and rug burned. It was fun :)

The house is coming along though. Aunt Shannon came to help yesterday and we got all the windows cleaned and "staged" the basement so it no longer looks like an over-sized storage closet. We had our first showing on Friday and have another on Monday. Next weekend Mimi is coming up to help with our first open house! Cross your fingers for us!

Wednesday, July 8

Grow Nora, Grow

My little oinker's excessive food consumption has finally caught up with her. Since birth she has averaged in the 10th percentile for weight and 25th for height; at her 9 month check up on Monday she measured in the 50th percentile for both! This does not even take into account her adjusted age -- meaning she is the average size of a full-term baby at her same age! Not to mention that at 18lbs 6oz she is well on her way to quadrupling her weight in the first year.

In other news, we went to the ICubs game on July 2 and stayed to watch the fireworks afterwards. I was packed and ready to run in case Nora wasn't fond of the noise, but surprisingly, she smiled and clapped through the whole thing! She l.o.v.e.d. it!

We are still diligently working on the house getting it ready for our open house next weekend. Thus, I learned how to put Nora in the moby on my back. What a fabulous invention! This single 5-yard piece of cloth has to be the greatest baby gadget ever invented, and from here on out every mom-to-be I know will be getting one of these as a gift from me.

And, thanks to Uncle Devon, we (meaning Charlie) were able to get the outside of the house looking presentable these past couple days -- its coming along, but boy is everything harder with a 10-month-old at your side...especially a teething one.

On a side note, Charlie and I celebrated our second wedding anniversary yesterday! It seems impossible that it has already been that long.

Again, many apologies for the few and far between posts lately. It will probably continue to be that way until we get the house projects all tied up, but I will do my best to keep you updated. Happy Wednesday!

Saturday, July 4

It's Official

The Baugh's are moving back to the Quad Cities...well we have to sell the house first, so if you know anyone looking to buy send them here!

I think everyone has caught wind of the news one way or another, but if you haven't, Charlie and I have decided to leave our fabulous suburban home in exchange for a more humble abode close to family. Our first open house will be July 19 - spread the word!

Thursday, July 2

Today I...

Listened to the book Five Speckled Frogs and Miss Judy helped me push the button to make the croaking froggy sound. I enjoyed watching little bubbles float around, played with a ladybug puppet, and listened to Itsy Bitsy Lady Bug.

Wordless Wednesday: A Day at the Beach