Sunday, October 3

From the Mouths of Babes

We've been working on our colors lately. Nora now likes to tell you the color of everything she sees. The other day, her and Charlie were at the grocery store when Nora pointed and said "black? black?"

Charlie looked up to see a black man standing in the isle beside them. Charlie picked Nora up and scurried out of the isle without stopping to explain that she was clearly referring to the color of his shirt :)

An Overdue Birthday Post

People aren't lying when they say you fall further and further behind as kids get older. I've been a terrible blogger lately.

Nora enjoyed her birthday party very much, but I won't bore you with my recap -- see for yourself!

Thursday, September 23

Ain't Life Beautiful?

One of my college besties got married last weekend in possibly the most beautiful part of this great state I've ever seen. It was at a golf resort off a gravel road in Nowheresville, Iowa, complete with a lake, cabins, outdoor shelter and ATV trails. In lieu of a formal dance-style reception, the bride and groom opted for a bonfire and hayrack ride under the bright autumn stars. It was so serene.

The leaves have just started to turn and their wedding colors complimented the landscape perfectly. I was especially excited for this wedding because Kara told me several times that it was inspired by Charlie and I's wedding, right down to the pastor and our wine box ceremony.

She was right -- it was great and just my style. Also, if I do say so myself, I captured some great pictures! I think in my next life I may be a photographer. The one photo I missed that I wish I could have captured was Nora sleeping by the fire at the end of the night.

Congrats Kara and Jayden!

(Click photos to enlarge)

Thursday, September 16

Turning Two

At this time two years ago, I was sitting at my desk anxiously awaiting my afternoon ultrasound. Little did I know that a mere 10 hours later I'd be holding my little girl. It seems so long ago, and yet it's hard to believe so much time has passed. Look how much she's grown in one year!

Per tradition, we started our day with pancakes. She even blew out her own candles this time!

Lately, her favorite color is pink, though she can point out pink, red, blue, green, purple, yellow and black.

She can count to 10 with help, and to 5 by herself.

She is becoming very independent and rarely wants help with anything.

Her favorite toys are dolls -- she loves to mother them.

She is a sponge and will repeat anything you say. The other day I was telling Charlie something from the other room. He kept saying what, and I kept repeating myself. Finally, in frustration, I asked "Are your ears broken?" Nora went over to him with a look of concern, patted him on the back and said, "Daddy. Ears broken? Ears. Broken? K?"

We are still tumbling. At class just yesterday, she did her sommersault all by herself. She loves class, the kids and Miss Kelli.

School is going well. It's so, so, so much better than daycare. You can tell she loves it by the way she endearingly waves bye and pushes us out the door when we drop her off and then cries when we come to pick her up :( What's worse, a daycare she hates or a school she loves more than her parents?! On a related note, we just got our first fundraiser for school. We're selling Enjoy the City books for $20. It's jam-packed with BOGO coupons for QC-area restaurants, clubs, plays, shows, attractions and so much more! If you buy 5, you get a 6th free. Make great gifts! Let me know if you're interested!!

Bear's offical birth celebration is going to be Sunday at 4 p.m. at our house. Charlie and I have been working on something really great -- can't wait to debut it!

Thursday, September 9

The End

It has finally happened. It's been about a month since N last nursed, and at last she has stopped asking for it. We shared 23 (mostly) beautiful months, but admittedly I'm not really sad to move on.

It was a physical and emotional journey, and in the end, I'm so glad it happened and lasted as long as it did but I was definitely ready to be done. I can't really put into words how my feelings toward breastfeeding have grown and evolved in the past two years.

I have a new found respect for women who are brave enough to fight the fight for nursing mamas. I feel a duty to acknowledge those who are giving their babes natures best, and tell them to keep it up. I don't judge those who use formula, but I certainly encourage those who don't. Some say it's a personal decision, I think it's a communities responsibility to make sure new mamas aren't throwing in the towel for the wrong reasons. Education, public acceptance and support systems are seriously lacking, and it's really a shame. I can only hope that other mothers are able to find what they need to press on -- it will be worth it!

Silly Kid

"Helping" me bake


O.M.G. Funniest thing. I wanted to get a pic of her on her bench but she wouldn't look at me so finally, in an effort to grab her attention, I said "HEY" really loud and it startled her so much she flew off the bench sideways. We both laughed hysterically.

Mama-daughter love

Daddy playing with food

Dad and Bear's first day of school!



Wearing mamas socks as leg warmers

Monday, August 30

First Day of Preschool

Already? Already. Bear is officially a Montessori student.

The worst part was she wasn't even sad to see me go. We went into her room, she ran off and became engaged in her surroundings and when I left she didn't even tell me bye. Glad she jumped right in, but it hurts not to feel needed.

Seems lately she doesn't need help with anything anymore. She goes potty by herself -- including taking off her diaper, getting up on the potty, flushing and washing her hands -- she won't let me help her down the stairs, she always want to try putting on her shoes herself first and she even buckles herself into her car seat.

A lot of the decisions we've made, we did with the intent of raising an independent toddler. Does anyone ever regret not being needed?!? I'm only half kidding -- this is going too fast!

It was also Daddy's first day of school today -- well his first in many years. I took the day off for the occasion. After they were both done for the day we celebrated with lunch at Rudy's and a walk in the East Village. It was quite delightful. I took some photos, but I'm too tired to get up and get the camera right now so they'll have to wait.

After we got home, we all napped. Add popcorn and a movie for dinner at home = quite close to perfection.

Saturday, August 14

Cheerleader In Training

Friday, August 13

On parenting a toddler

We're definitely there. That terrible, horrible stage everyone talks about. My child throws a fit about EVERYTHING. Yesterday I needed to go to the grocery store, but I convinced myself that since I'd had a very busy week at work, i wanted to just come home, unwind with some snuggles and spend some quality time with DD.

I get home to her all worked up and screaming because she didn't want to wear clothes. I ask her if she'd like to go to the park and feed the ducks which she did. But it took multiple meltdowns and two trips to "the chair" (lol - where she goes to cool down after a tantrum) before i could get her dressed. Still no shoes on. Went to the garage all pumped about our ride, she puts her helmet on and by the time I get done switching the trailer from the Hubby's bike to mine, she doesn't want to go anymore. I try to get her pumped up again but she just lays on the garage floor crying. ::deep breath::

Calmly take her inside, put her in her chair again. Let her cool off. Soon she's calling for me. I go in and try to engage in conversation, play, anything but she won't have it. Wants to go outside. We go back outside. She cries because she just wants dad (he's mowing). I try chalk, the slide, a make believe picnic -- all a no go.

Ask her if she's like to go to the store and help me get stuff for dinner. She does. While she's in a good mood I grab what I need and out the door we go. Tantrum while we try to get in the car. Ask her if she'd like to buckle herself. More crying. Sit her down, buckle her, get in, drive to store. Crying ceased. Pull sling out of backseat. Crying commences. Ask her if she'd like to walk. "Ya." She walks. Nice guy offers us his cart, she cries because she wanted to put the quarter in (Aldi). I reassure her she can help me get it out when we're done.

Enter store. Able to engage her most of the way through the store by asking her to choose between items, put things in cart, etc. She made good choices and I even let her pick out some ice cream for later, which she was very excited about...until she realized it was for later and not NOW. On the floor screaming again. Ask her to help me put the groceries on the belt. She get up (screaming of course) and runs straight to the only open line, closes the barricade and says "NO". People laugh. I go to retrieve her, she runs. Holding up line. Let her hang out on the other side of the register while I unload. She comes back and says "sorry. ice cream?" "We can have ice cream later honey." More screaming.

I pay. Cashier sarcastically calls her a big helper. She happily helps me bag groceries. Walks out to the parking lot. We load groceries into car, take cart back. She helps retrieve quarter. Tantrum getting back into car seat. Shoves quarter in her mouth because she's mad I me. I have to forcefully retrieve the quarter. More crying. Get home, put her outside with dad and retreat to the kitchen to make dinner alone.

Friday, July 30

Duck, Duck,

and more ducks.

Saturday, N and I set out to find some ducks to feed. Since the river was flooding, it was hard to find a place we could get close enough because all the roads were closed leading to the riverside parks.

We wound up at Vanderveer and boy did they have ducks.

We had everything from ducks, to birds, to fish coming by to eat our bread. And we met another Nora! She was two months younger than Bear.

After that we went over to the park. A big storm had torn through the city the night before and we found a neat tree that came down.

Saturday, July 24

An Overdue Update

What can I say? It's summer, we're home close to family and friends, we started a business, Charlie is going back to school, and I've got an active toddler -- blogging hasn't exactly been my #1. We have been keeping up on photos though.

Nora's vocabulary has quadrupled in the past couple months. She learns new words every day and is getting really good at the ones she knows. We can now count to three, but two is her favorite, and she can tell you how old she is.

She l.o.v.e.s water and swimming, whether it's a big waterpark, her own kiddie pool in the backyard, or simply the bathroom sink.

Officially a daddy's girl, N follows him around whenever he's home and spends all day when he's gone saying "daddy work. daddy work."

N is a huge fan of our CSA, Teresa's Tasty Produce, where we get a box of fresh produce each Monday. She has an awesome appetite, and while she doesn't eat as much meat as I'd like, she'll eat fruit and veggies

Well...until she gets sleepy that is.

I don't remember the context of this photo but it makes me laugh every time I see it.