Thursday, April 30

New Season, New Do

Frugal times call for sometimes desperate measures, so I convinced Charlie to let me cut his hair. It was going well until I got to the part where I had to use scissors, and I realized they were not the sharpest tool in the...uh, box? Guess we need to invest in some shears. So here it is -- what do you think?

Ok, I only paused to soothe a sleepy baby, but it was good timing for a photo. I wasn't joking about the scissors though. He ended up having to shave it because I couldn't get them to cut his hair.

Nora was intrigued by daddy's new look

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Wednesday, April 29

Today I...

rolled all over the room. Ms. Mary helped me scoot and I even did a few on my own! Wow!
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Wordless Wednesday: Counting My Lucky Stars

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Saturday, April 25

April Showers and May Flowers

After a week of beautiful weather, Nora and I sit here cooped up in the house because it's rainy and yucky outside today.

She's napping on me now (yes, on me -- spoiled girl!), but we've got a special project to work on when she wakes. You'll just have to wait to see what it is!

She's getting so big! I think she's getting ready to start crawling because she gets up on all fours now and rocks back and fourth. Then she gets angry and screams.

Yesterday, I packed up the last of her 3-month sized sleepers. I think she's still got a couple of pairs of 3-6 pants because she's short, but those excluded she's officially in 6-9 month clothes.

This weeks she brought home an art project from day care. She painted the world for Earth Day!

Oh and she officially hates being spoon fed. She's eating "meals" at night time now, but insists on feeding herself. Here she is enjoying a potato and avocado dinner the other day.

I've been slacking on keeping up with all her new foods. Since she is loving anything she can pick up with her fingers, last weekend she had macaroni noodles with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

I cooked the noodles just a little longer than the package recommended, then let them cool completely, and cut them up into bite sized pieces. She loved it, but we think we may have discovered a food allergy. We're going to wait a bit and try again to see if she has a similar reaction.

On Monday, we introduced mango. It is another super easy baby recipe. You just take 1 ripe mango, cut the "fleshy" part from the pit, and slice it from the skin. You can either serve it in chunks or puree it -- No cooking required!

It must have had a bitter-sweet flavor because every bite invoked a reaction like this:

In the end she decided she didn't really care for mango, but we've since tried it with cereal mixed in and I think it tones down the flavor because she tolerates it much better that way.

Well, I think I'm all caught up now! Off to work on the scrapbook, I'm way behind there as well. Have a good weekend all!

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Wednesday, April 22

Today I...

"Painted the world and my hand is tainted blue! I loved my tummy time. Ms. Mary filled the room with bubbles and I thought that was so funny!"

Yesterday, Nora attended her first Cubbies game...well, I Cubs that is. She is normally pretty engaged in her surroundings, but she didn't nap well so she was ancy and not that into baseball-anything.

We did get a couple foul balls though because the old men in front of us though Nora was pretty cute! We gave one to Shannon and slim and kept the other as a keepsake from her first game.

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Baugh Blog #2

In light of Earth Day today (HAPPY EARTH DAY!) I want to debut a new blog I've been working on.

The past year or so I've really been working on greening up our home. More recently, I've begun working on plans to take my greening community-wide, which inspired me to begin blogging about it, but until now, haven't really promoted the new blog much because its still a work in progress. For one, I'm not crazy about the look of it and it still needs to be branded with some sort of logo or header, and for 2, its just not that extensive as a resource yet -- with that in mind, I give you The Crunchy Conscience.

Wordless Wednesday: A Day at the Park

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Tuesday, April 21

Called the Police On My Husband

Did I ever tell this story? For those of you I did tell, no I didn't do it again, I just had a flashback today and thought this story was blog worthy for those who haven't heard it.

This was back around the begining of March. I had been trying to get ahold of him for about 2.5 hours. I was really starting to freak out because he was not answering his phone.

I called day care and he had not dropped Nora off. I called his work and he had not called in (an hour after he was supposed to be there!) Finally, I sent him a text that said "if you don't call me in 10 minutes I'm having someone come check on you!"

He didn't call. I don't know the neighbors, so I did what any rational new mother would do and called the non-emergency police line. I told them what was going on, that I was really worried because he was home with our 6 month old and I was sure something was wrong. Fifteen minutes later I get a call from Charlie... apparently he was just sleeping. He decided he wasn't going to work, but didn't think it was important to tell anyone.

The officer asked him a few questions, making Charlie semi panic that something had happened. He eventually told him his wife was trying to reach him and had become concerned.

I was livid, but relieved. Looking back, it is kind of funny now. Men!

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Sunday, April 19

The Box Said "Dark Brown"

What color would you call it? I put Nora in the pictures because I felt like a dodo taking photos of myself.

Maybe it's just me, but I see red. Really red. I'm not really upset because I was looking for something drastic...but wow, I'm just feeling a little shocked.

Here's a before

Saturday, April 18

Finger Foods

Now that she's got the hang of it (well kind of), Nora definitely thinks finger foods are more fun than being spoon fed.

She's loving the mum-mums and becoming a pro with puffs.

This morning she had bananas with oatmeal sprinkled on them to make them easier to pick up.

Here's what it looked like when she was done.

Her aim isn't perfect yet, but the mess is half the fun right? We went straight to the tub after breakfast!

For those of you following our homemade recipes, she also had green beans last week and I just haven't had time to post. We made them the same way we made peas, and again she loved them. Hopefully her non-pickyness sticks. I love that she'll eat just about anything.

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Thursday, April 16

Another Month Gone By

Can you believe it? Seven months old today! Where does the time go?

It seems like such a short time ago when we went in for a regular growth ultrasound at 35 weeks 5 days gestation and were told we wouldn't be leaving the hospital without a baby.

Our little oinker has gone from 4lbs 11 oz when we left the hospital to a whopping 16 pounds at her last well-baby check up.

It amazes me how much of a sponge she's become. She watches every move with such intensity.

Yesterday she was eating plumacado (yea, I made that word up) and kept trying to stick her fingers in the bowl. So I put some Gerber puffs on her tray, a snack she has previously ignored, and she reached right down, picked one up and after a few unsuccessful attempts made one into her mouth.

She gave me the most quizzical look as she mushed the puff between her toothless gums, and you could see the wheels turning as she processed the cause and effect. After that, the rest of those puffs didn't stand a chance -- just like that she had learned something new.

I've been holding off on blogging about it in case I failed miserably as a teacher, but we've been learning baby sign language over the past month. We just stared with a few signs, but already she knows milk and hungry. She doesn't reciprocate yet, but you can tell by the bounding excitement when you open and close your fists that she gets it. Yet another way she doesn't cease to amaze me.

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Sunday, April 12

No Matter How Long the Winter,

Spring is sure to follow.

I know the first day of spring is technically in March, but Easter always seems to be the turning point between winter and spring for me. Suddenly after this holiday, it just feels more spring-y! We had a great weekend filled with family, games and food.

Saturday, we (Nora, Uncle Devon and I) cleaned the house to get ready for guests. Of course we had to make time to play with the puppies and take some photos because, well, no day is complete in the life of Nora without photos to document her day!

Nora is learning to pet gently and Wrigley is learning to like it...

Teau loves to give Nora kisses

Saturday evening, Mimi and Papaw came up, and we had dinner at the Machine Shed with Grandpa Barnes and his family.

Nora snacked on some sweet potato fries, and made a squishy mess -- they were the first finger food she's picked up!

We even had a surprise visit from the Easter bunny!

We stayed up late playing games and drinking margaritas.

Sunday morning daddy, Nora and the furbabies slept in, while Mimi and I got up to start the turkey.

Then Nora got to open her Easter basket!

And try her first mum-mum

Later, we got some pretty pictures of Nora in her Easter dress

It was a good day, and a good weekend. Easter is one of 3 holidays daddy gets to be home with us -- so it is especially special. Hope every one enjoyed the holiday to start another Monday.
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Friday, April 10

Today I...

loved tummy time. I painted with pink paint. Ms. CeCe played peek-a-boo with me and I loved it!

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Wednesday, April 8

Weekend Ramblings

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to Coralville to watch Aunt TJ's dance competition on Sunday.

Let's start by saying they dominated the whole thing -- ton's of platiunums (I lost count) and her big group number got 149 out of a possible 150 points, making them the highest scoring group of the day. Allison won a coreography award, Holly got first overall for her solo...they were by far, the best group there.

Plus, everyone thought Nora was adorable! Get this -- TJ actually held Nora! Now to fully understand the level of shock this brought when she asked, she has only held her one other time e.v.e.r. and only becuase Mimi made her for a photo.

Saturday we went shopping and bought Nora her first swimsuit. My standards were high because I was persistant that it must be a bikini - come on, look how cute it is!

Later we got to go swimming at the hotel, and she loved it!

After swimming Saturday night, we drove up to Swisher and stayed the night with Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Chris.

Max is getting SO big. He was holding Nora by the ears giving her kisses. It was positively adorable!

Sunday was competition day. We were there from about 9:30 a.m. until aroud 5 when we decided to take off because bad weather was headed our way. I'm glad we got to go though!

I sure am blessed to have such a content baby that lets me drag her around and out and about without a complaint.