Monday, August 30

First Day of Preschool

Already? Already. Bear is officially a Montessori student.

The worst part was she wasn't even sad to see me go. We went into her room, she ran off and became engaged in her surroundings and when I left she didn't even tell me bye. Glad she jumped right in, but it hurts not to feel needed.

Seems lately she doesn't need help with anything anymore. She goes potty by herself -- including taking off her diaper, getting up on the potty, flushing and washing her hands -- she won't let me help her down the stairs, she always want to try putting on her shoes herself first and she even buckles herself into her car seat.

A lot of the decisions we've made, we did with the intent of raising an independent toddler. Does anyone ever regret not being needed?!? I'm only half kidding -- this is going too fast!

It was also Daddy's first day of school today -- well his first in many years. I took the day off for the occasion. After they were both done for the day we celebrated with lunch at Rudy's and a walk in the East Village. It was quite delightful. I took some photos, but I'm too tired to get up and get the camera right now so they'll have to wait.

After we got home, we all napped. Add popcorn and a movie for dinner at home = quite close to perfection.

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