Wednesday, June 17

9 Months and Growing

Yesterday marked 9 months since Nora's birth and I can't even begin to describe the changes I'm seeing her her daily.

In the past month, she's developed such a personality (and an attitude!), and she became mobile, which inevitably led to curiosity and getting into everything! She now crawls at lightning speed, she can open and close drawers and adjust the volume on the stereo. She also has heightened awareness to the fact that when she makes loud screaming noises Daddy or I come running -- so now she does it for attention. She can pull herself up, but if she's feeling lazy she will just crawl over, lay her head on your feet, and cry.

Her favorite word is still dada, but we have gotten a "ma" out of her a few times and I'm fairly confident I heard a "love you" once but I'm not going to put money on it. She loves to show you she is so big by putting her arms above her head, she waves, and daddy says she claps, but I'm yet to see it. She also regularly does baby signing for milk now, but we've been slacking a little and haven't been pushing the other signs too much.

She eats pretty much any and everything. Her pincer grasp is really good now so she does finger food or purees depending on what's for dinner. Oh, and I don't think we officially announced the breakthrough of her first teeth yet. The two on the bottom, while there's still a long way to go, are now visible. The one on the top is so close. All this teething business has led to a pretty crummy sleeper lately.

Nora got to open her first 1st birthday present a couple weeks ago...I know what you're thinking, and all I can say is don't ask -- Mimi is impatient. She got an adorable sunhat and she is now the proud mama to a bear that says "birthday girl".

Other than those 50 new milestones this month I think all is normal ;) Happy 9 month, Nora! We will have 9 month stats to post in a couple weeks after her well-baby visit on July 6.

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