Tuesday, June 2

Milestone or Disaster?

Nora has learned how to undo Velcro. She has an Old McDonald book that goes on your hand with puppets for fingers and the book, which Velcros shut, in the palm of your hand. She is endlessly entertained by opening the book each time you close it, and its positively adorable.

The problem does not lie in the opening and closing of the book; no, the problem lies in the fact that she has also made the connection between opening her book and unfastening her Bum Genius diapers, which also use Velcro closure. Oy, the perils of having a smart kid.

We can now check "learning the art of fastening diaper while putting pants on simultaneously" off the to-do list.

On the babyfood menu this week is chicken. Yesterday, I boiled two medium chicken breasts on the stove until they were cooked through, and pureed them using water to help thin the mixture. Charlie was a little disturbed by the mushy meat, but I can assure you this looked (and smelled!) much better than any jarred meat I've seen served to a baby.

Since Nora isn't quite ready for a variety of spices just yet, I mixed the pureed chicken with a cube of apples I had made previously to give it some flavor. She seemed to approve.

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