Wednesday, July 29

...not so...Wordless Wednesday: OMG!

It feels as though all I have time for anymore is the wordless entries, so just a quick update on the house. So far we've had two open houses. Traffic, at the open houses and through scheduled showings, has been minimal. This Friday we're meeting with an agent to discuss listing with Remax. I'm not 100% convinced this is the best option, but it doesn't hurt to talk right? We're fast approaching our Aug. 14 deadline on the other house, and while the world would not stop turning if we didn't get it, I'm definitely going to be at least slightly crushed if we don't get it.

In other news, Erin is in the hospital awaiting baby Faith's arrival! She was induced yesterday morning and I just got a text saying her water was broken. We're keeping them in our thoughts and can't wait to see photos of their newest edition! Love ya, Erin!

OK now for the wordless part.

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