Thursday, July 16

Is It Possible? 10 Months Already?!?

Here we are, two months from a first birthday!

She's crawling, she's pulling herself up, she walks well while holding on to fingers, she bables (and screams - happy screams of course) a lot, she says Dada all.the.time., she says Mama when she's anrgy, she loves being chased, she thinks tickling is funny 1/2 the time, she eats ev-ry-thing in sight (food or not), she claps at things she likes and breathes quickly in and out of her nose in protest at things she doesn't, she likes to read books (short ones), she loves music (Carrie Underwood and Kelli Pickler are her favs), and her favorite toys are ones that play tunes or make loud noises when banged together. It is quite possible her favorite pasttime is turning the knobs on Dada's reciever, which has resulted in programming the max volume it can reach to significantly lower than its actual capability.

Lots of firsts this month! First visit to the zoo, first visit to the beach, first time meeting cousin Milo, first teeth appeard (4 are now poking through, but none are fully in), first time on a boat, first wedding...I'm sure there are more, but I've been terrible at documenting this month! I'll edit if I think of more.

We are proudly still breastfeeding and plan to continue, though she is up to two solids meals a day now and we'll probably increase to three soon.

We are also still co-sleeping, though it's getting a little violent with the thrashing of the legs and fingernails in my eyes at 2 a.m. (I have a post in mind on this coming soon, but haven't had time to get down all my thoughts).

Oddly, Nora has for the most part quit doing baby signs completely. She was getting very good at using signs for milk, come here, and all done, but she has abruptly stopped this month, mostly resorting back to screaming with no other indication as to what she wants, just that she (obviously) wants something. It's a little frustrating, but as the saying goes "this too will pass".

Here are a few pics from the month:

First trip (of many I'm sure ) to Olive Garden

Dancing at Shannon and Slim's wedding

On the Celebration Belle for lunch with Wood side of the family

Dare devils


Sharing popcorn with Mama for the first time (puffy part only of course)

...tantruming when Mama didn't have anymore popcorn

"Did you see that guy cut me off?"

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