Sunday, April 11


Six is the number of outfits the Bear wore today. It was a long, fun-packed day at the house and it seemed every time I turned around she was a mess and in need of a change of clothes.


She modeled the dress Aunt Tiffany made her for Easter, and had fun admiring herself in the mirror. P1050669

Yesterday Nora skinned her knee pretty bad, and today she fell down and scraped the same one again. P1050672

She’s definitely recovered from her previous illness, because man, today all she wanted to do was eat. I could hardly get a meal in because every time I’d go to take a bite N would say “eat” or “bite” and anxiously await me to hand over my food.

She especially loved my homemade yogurt. P1050676

Then she helped me bury some food scraps in the compost pile. After which I lectured the dogs about not getting into to the pile and N felt the need to reiterate. It was hysterical watching her fold her arms and jabber away, occasionally pointing her finger at Chateau in a stern manner. P1050679 P1050680

Later N went swimming while I laid out. It was SO beautiful out and just warm enough for a luke-warm swim.

Later we planted some seeds for our garden… OK I planted and N dumped out my previously planted containers – we’ll see how those turn out! LOL. P1050687

Overall it was a spectacular day. Looking forward to many more days of warm, outdoor enjoyment.

P.S. Happy birthday, Nana Buskirk! Hope you had a wonderful day – xoxo.

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