Thursday, April 1

My Little Sickling

I've been out of town for work and the Bear has been sick and at home with dad. Talk about mama guilt!

It started last week. She had been feverish on and off, but we get that a lot with teething and growth spurts so I didn't think anything of it. Then she developed a rash. It was mostly in the diaper area but had creeped down her thighs a little too. Sunday we woke up to find the rash had turned to blisters and sores. NurseLine said to keep her diaper off and to get her to the doctor first think Monday.

Went to the doctor Monday, and doctor said to keep it covered and clean. He also gave her an antibiotic. He diagnosed the rash as a form of impetigo and said he needed to see her again in two days. The rash got better but she still had a fever when she went back for her checkup. Doctor said he couldn't see anything else visibly wrong with her and that if the fever continued for another 24 hours we needed to take her to the hospital for further testing. He also noted that on some rare occasions the perscription can cause a fever.

Last night she was relatively chipper when I got home, but within an hour she was burning hot again. We gave her some tylenol and went to bed (OK I passed out from exhaustion and N came to bed with me). This morning she seemed to be fine again. So far no fever.

Time will tell right? Crossing our fingers for no e-room visits this week.

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