Monday, February 23

Another Monday

We had guests up this weekend -- Mark, KC and Corinne came to see our house for the first time in the year and a half we've been in it. Nora was unusually grumpy and Corinne got sick the first day so we ended up staying in most of the weekend, but it was a good visit.

Here's my girl hanging out in her diaper because clothes made her angry.

KC and I beat the boys in 3 straight games of euchre. After that, they decided they couldn't handle anymore shame. For dinner Saturday, we had a long overdue night out at Taki Japanese Steakhouse. It was delicious as usual.

In other news, Nora has been eating oatmeal cereal for 5 days now. Each day gets a little less messy.

I had posted before about how we were considering skipping cereal all together.
When we talked to the pediatrician about it, she said she was OK with that if we were to switch her daily vitamin to an iron-enriched formula instead of the regular multivitamin since 6 months is about the time the iron reservoirs start to run out, even sooner for preemies. I had been planning to stop giving her the vitamins once she started solids, so I decided to go with cereal instead.

So far she doesn't seem crazy about it, but we'll keep trying. I'm getting really excited to start making other yummy baby food!

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  1. Rice cereal was always a favorite with the kids, Charlie in particular. They also liked a few banana flakes mixed in with them. I guess monkey business runs in the family when it comes to Nannas!