Monday, February 9

Growing Before Our Eyes

I took a sick day today - no I wasn't playing hookey, I really am still hurting and my face somewhat resembles an overweight chipmunk so I think it was highly justified for me to stay home one more day - but why waste it?

This morning Nora and I cuddled. She napped while I payed bills and dilly-dallied on the net for a while, then we took a walk.

It was super windy, so it was short, but nice to get out none-the-less. When we walk, I ask her what she sees and talk about all the things around us. She is so funny the way she grins and giggles as if she really does enjoy learning about the trees and grass. Sometimes she even babbles as if she has something to add to the conversation. With each stage, it just keeps getting more and more fun!

Then we ran to Hy-vee for a couple miscellaneous grocery items, and Miss Nora sat in the cart for the first time. Every one was ohhing and ahhing at how adorable she looked -- and I have to agree.

It is truly amazing watching her grow. She is becoming increasingly fascinated by her surroundings. She was so interested in the people and smiled back at everyone that smiled at her. I just can't believe how fast she's developing and learning! ::tear::

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