Friday, May 29

Busy Bees

Since I committed to posting at least once a week and I know I won't have time to write anything valuable by tomorrow (plus I missed Wordless Wednesday this week!), we're going to make today Foto Friday. If there is anything I have been keeping up on lately it's taking photos. Here are the latest!

Scary Nora after just waking up from a nap

Trying to show the world she does have hair

Ready for a walk

After spinning in place like a cat trying to get comfortable, she finally crashed

And again...

Playing in the yard

At the park on Memorial Day

A few other quick updates (becuase I can't even remember what I've posted and what I haven't):
  • We officially have a crawler -- she won't let me get it on video, but she does it, I swear!
  • She is most definitely teething. After a little more than a week of grumpy, extra sleepy, extra cuddly, never comfortable, feverish baby, I can't think of what else it might be. She hates the taste of orajel (sp?), but it is the only thing that soothes her at night.
  • We're headed west this weekend for Shannon's bridal shower, next weekend we're going east for Aunt T's graduation party -- get ahold of me if you want us to put you on the schedule :)
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