Monday, August 3


Saturday afternoon Nora was helping me fold (OK I was folding and she was unfolding) laundry in the laundry room upstairs. It was nothing out of the ordinary as she pulled herself to standing using my shoulder as a clutch, but then she let go. There was no thinking about, no hesitation, just let go and stood there. It lasted about 5 seconds before she casually sat back down and proceded plowing through the freshly washed pile of diapers as if nothing significant had happened. Fourty-eight hours later she has shown zero interest in doing it again, so I'm starting to wonder if it was just a figment of my sleep-deprived imagination.

Speaking of sleep deprived, Nora has 4 full-blown teeth now, and either they are gearing up to push through further or more are on the way because our nights this past week have been anything but restful.

We have made arrangements for Nora's 1 year photos, and we are planning to have her birthday party (yup, its almost here already!) on Sunday, Sept. 13. Details are TBD.

That's our world right now.

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