Saturday, August 29

Then and Now

After realizing Nora is now 31 inches!, we went and bought Nora the Graco My Ride -- this means she officially has outgrown her infant seats! We had already replaced one and just hadn't decided on a seat for my car yet.

We picked the My Ride because it is one of 3 on the market right now that allow children to be rear facing until 40 pounds -- most go to 30 or 33. Additionally, the added height of the seat makes the seat suitable for up to 65 pounds. This means the seat is likely to expire before she outgrows this seat, making it well worth the $139 price tag (with 20% off coupon).

After much research, we have decided we will keep Nora rear-facing for as long as her seat allows, even if that is age 3 or 4. If you haven't read up on extended rear-facing, you should. Here is a great starting place. If you're not up for reading, just note that rear-facing children -- at any age -- are 5 times safer than children in front-facing seats! FIVE TIMES PEOPLE. I can't think of any reason I would choose to put my child in 5 times more danger. None.

OK that's my preaching for today... now on to the then and now. Here is Nora in her infant seat the day we brought her home from the hospital at 4lbs 11oz and now the day we purged the infant seat for good somewhere around 20lbs.

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  1. CUTE! And good for you! Maddox is still rear-facing at 15 months and will be for quite some time (12 lb to go).