Wednesday, August 12

A Visit to the QC

Nora and I took a long overdue visit to the Quad Cities this weekend. We got to see most of the family, visit our new (hopefully!) house, even do a little relaxing.

We took a walk with Mimi and Eric, and Nora held Mimi's hand nearly the whole time.

We went to the pool on Saturday. I'm ashamed to say Nora is now more tan than I am.

Saturday night, we had dinner at Cafe Indego with the Kotecki Klan to celebrate Grandma Mary Lou's 70th birthday!
and Nora got to meet Aunt Gadys and Uncle Charlie for the first time

Sunday we had lunch with Nana and Papa Buskirk. Nora slept through most of it, but did wake up to say hello before they had to go.

Overall, I think we wore her out...

Oh and we got a new carrier -- well its on loan, we're testing it -- but I think she likes it!

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  1. looks like she loves the MT! glad you got the back carry figured out. we need to try that!