Saturday, December 12

Nora, Meet Ora

It seems I've become more eager for N to open her presents than I am to open my own -- even if I didn't get them for her!

Before we left Des Moines, Aunt Shannon brought over a present for N, and I assured her we'd put it under the tree and have her wait til Christmas to open it. Last night, I decided she'd waited long enough...

Apparently Teau was anxious as well

Digging in

This is Ora. She was born on Sept. 9...good thing it wasn't the 16th because that would be creepy.

Kisses. Oh and N can say "baby" now. She kept hugging Ora and saying "baby" while patting her on the back!

PS. Nora says "Thanks Aunt Shannon!"


  1. It's driving me nuts to keep Oli's gifts hidden - I don't know what I'm going to do when he's older and begging to open "just one!" early. I may give in every time.
    P.S. Nora is sooo cute and getting so big!

  2. You are welcome Nora, give Ora a hug goodnight for me. Hope we get to see you soon. Miss you all!