Tuesday, December 29

Passing the Buck

...Or change actually. Meet Star. She is a 20-something purple pot belly who has a taste for metal. It has become tradition, really, that every Christmas when Grandpa Barnes comes to visit he brings Star full of change collected throughout the year. Then I empty the change through her slightly-too-small hole, send her back and sure enough the following Christmas she is full again.

After 20 years of practice I can empty this baby in about 35 minutes -- a huge improvement from the several hours it used to take me. Yes, practice really does make perfect. I have this down to such I science, I even know which spoons work best (ice cream) and which ones are wasting time (soup), and now, I'm passing the ritual on to Nora.

Last night we emptied her. Nora was so helpful, carefully picking up any coins I dropped and throwing them in the bucket. She didn't even try to eat any! Tomorrow, we'll take the change to the bank to see how much we have to open Nora's first savings account.

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  1. What a great tradition. We faithfully put all our change into a piggie bank too then it goes into the college savings plan.