Thursday, January 28


I'm sure I'll get frowns for this when N gets old enough to realize what I've done, but I had to show off how grown up she looks in her big-girl panties! They are of the boy short variety, so at least they're modest ;)

On a related note, EC is going very well. We had regressed for a little while (or Mama and Daddy had gotten a little lazy - tomato/tomato), but we have been more alert to her subtle signs lately and it's paying off. I don't think day care is taking to it very well becuase they just accepted a bunch more kids and it's been a little crazy around there. When she's at home though, she usually either makes a "ssss" sound or goes into the bathroom, which cues us in that she needs to go.

Sadly, distractions happen and if you're not watching for the cues it's easy to miss them so we have had some misses; but we can tell she is getting tired of diapers and I think that is going to help move things along now that she is very aware of when she needs to go. She got to wear her panties for about an hour last night and was actually sad when we switched back to the diaper ::tear::

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