Tuesday, January 5

Tumblin' Bear

Nora went to her first tumbling class yesterday. She is by far the youngest in her class. Typically the youngest they take for tumble bears is 18 months, but since between my sisters and I we've been going to Kim's for over 20 years, N gets special accomodations :)

Overall, it went pretty well. She did very good at participating and following directions when it was her turn. We will need to work on sitting on her square when it's not her turn though -- she certainly wasn't shy or quiet, and she loved running up and down the mat while the other girls were taking their turns.

Sommersaults with Miss Kelli

"Look at your button!"

Backrolls on the cheese mat

Ring around the rosie

And a video...don't mind me conversating with a 2 year old in the backgound :)

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