Sunday, February 21

Another Funfilled Winter Saturday

Weekends drone on when it's just the Bear and I, especially cooped up in this tiny house.

Yesterday, we kept busy first with a trip to Babies-R-Us where N tried out a tricycle, knocked lots of toys off the shelf as Mama followed behind picking up her mess, and met some new friends who loved picking her up and pushing her in a wagon.

Next, we headed to the pet store. N enjoyed all of the animals but there was one puppy she loved the most. He adored her, and they were super cute together.

After she told the puppy bye and blew him kisses, we drove to the river to find some ducks. At a scorching 40 degrees, we lasted about 15 minutes outside throwing crackers (and trying to stop N from eating the ones on the ground) before concluding the ducks must not be hungry :)

By the time we were done, Bear was tuckered.

Hopefully that takes care of our craving for adventure -- the weather forecast predicts we'll be staying in for a couple days.

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