Thursday, March 11

Say Hello to Davenport's New Resident Examiner

I've been on a mission to take on some freelance work to get back to what I love about writing. It seems the less writing I do, the grouchier I become -- writing is my outlet and without it I tend to retain emotion. It doesn't seem to matter what I write about, its just the simple act of doing it that provides a tension outlet for me, kind of like yoga.

My goals for this job are to get a jump start on building content for my portfolio, honing my writing skills and hopefully getting my name out there -- oh and did I mention it pays? Not much, rest assured I will not be jumping ship on my day job anytime soon, but being paid to write feels so much more meaningful and professional than blogging for free. It is important for you, all of my loyal readers, to note that it is a sliding pay scale based on the number of articles I submit and the feedback they receive (i.e. leave comments), how many followers I have, and the number of unique page views my articles receive so visit often!

Without further ado, I give you the Davenport Attachment Parenting Examiner.

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