Monday, May 11

Give a Girl a Fish...

And you give her an allergic reaction. Nora tried salmon this week, and while she loved it, it didn't agree with her too well.

Previously, it was recommended fish not be introduced to baby's diet until after a year, and according to some sources, after 3 years because it can be allergenic. Recent studies have shown low-mercury fish to OK to introduce to babies as young as 6 months, and actually encourage early introduction because of the Omega-3's not present in other early foods. Due to all this new information I thought it would be a good first meat for her.

I chose canned salmon and it was very easy to prepare. Since I don't eat fish, cooking it correctly seemed intimidating to me.

With the canned, all I did was add some water and puree it in the food processor.

First bite


It's good!

She enjoyed it so much, she decided she needed to work on her self feeding, which became very messy.

When she was done, we headed straight up to the bath. I took her onesie off and discovered a red rash on her tummy, side and some sploches on her back.

I thought it might be the fish, but wasn't positive that the rash wasn't there before she ate -- after all we had been outside in the grass and on the back deck earlier, so anything could have irritated her skin.

The rash was gone completely by morning, so we tried the salmon again for dinner. Sure enough, 5 to 10 minutes after eating, her legs were covered in red dots.

I don't know much about allergies (though I'm going to read up now!) but I hope this is not a long-term thing -- hopefully, her digestive system just needs a little longer to tackle fish and in a few months she'll be able to enjoy it sans rash.

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