Sunday, May 17

Look At My 8-Month-Old!

It's kinda blurry, but I still love this photo.

She's getting around pretty well by scooting and rolling, but we're still waiting for the crawling. She's getting better at self-entertaining -- it never lasts too long, but at least I can set her down for a minute.

She loves any toys that make noise or play music, and she loves to eat!

This week we added peaches and pumpkin to the list of foods she loves. She even got to have a little cinnamon in her pumpkin, which was apparently delicious. Turns out the yummier the food, the messier it becomes!

Her favorite (and only) word is dada, but she's still a mama's girl for now. Once I come home, she wants nothing to do with Daddy. Yes that is her drool running down my chin.


  1. Great photos!!! Loved the first one & the one with pumpkin everywhere!!! Miss you!
    Love & hugs - MUAH!

  2. What a pretty girl! I love her big, blue eyes and her messy face in those food photos. She must get that beauty from her mama.

    You two look like you have a great time together! :)