Thursday, January 15

To Eat Solids or Not To Eat Solids? That is the Question.

We probably won't start for a little while yet, but I want to get her used to her high chair. Not to mention that she now officially hates lying down, and it's nice to have a place for her to sit up while we eat.

I plan to just wait for her to cue that she is ready. She is sleeping well, and her hunger needs are being met, so I don't see any reason to start new foods just yet. If she holds out until 6 months or so, I think we'll just skip cereal all together and go straight for the good stuff. Either way, she looks pretty adorable in her chair I got put together Sunday night.


  1. The tummy has to learn digestion, cereal is easy to digest and is a good first step to eating without tummy cramps. Charlie always liked banana flakes on his rice cereal.

    Mom Buskirk

  2. This blog does a good job of debunking some common myths/conditional concerns of always choosing cearal as the best first food for babies.

    A lot of new research encourags waiting until baby is at least 6 months before starting solids, at which point their digestive systems aren't nearly as sensitive.

    I'm not sure I'm convinced one way or the other just yet - we'll have to see what Nora wants to do :)