Friday, January 9

Could It Be Teeth?!?

I picked up a sopping wet baby from day care today. Her onesie was wet from the neck to her belly button and she had already been changed into her spare clothes because the others were equally as wet.

Her teacher said she thinks Nora may be which I responded, "No she's just going through a drooling phase, it's totally normal (as if I know more than the day care lady)." She said she it was not just the drooling that makes her suspect this - she also has been putting any and every thing on her gums, tugging at her ear and being a restless napper.

I guess I noticed these things too, but didn't associate it with teething mainly because she is still very happy and I just plain don't see any teeth coming up. Generally a teething baby is a cranky baby, no?

What do you think? Happy, but teething shy of four months or just drooly and learning textures by putting everything in her mouth? I suppose this is another of those things only time will tell.

In other news, the votes are in - 80 percent of respondents said they will check our blog weekly, and the other 20 percent said they'll check back regularly...granted only 5 of you voted, the odds are still good, so I guess we will blog on.

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  1. I hope it's drooling. The norm is if a baby gets his/her first tooth at say age 6 months, then they will begin to loose their baby teeth at 6 years. So the later they get the teeth - the later they loose them and the better it is for the adult teeth because they have more time to develop good brushing habits. Better brushing habits = less cavities, less of mom and dad's money spent at the dentist. Ending in hopefully being a granny with a full set of her own choppers. All three of my kids were over 6 months when they got their first tooth, you should check with your mom and see what the norm for you and your sisters was.

    In the meantime, pack more changes of clothing is my advice...