Saturday, January 3

The Essence of Childhood...

Is, of course, play. Nora is just starting to play - with toys, with people, you name it she wants to touch, smell and taste it - and it is such a fun and interesting stage.

She has been looking at colors and lights for a while, but this age of self discovery and realization that the world around her is made up of objects is so intriguing to watch. And a welcome relief that I don't have to be her 24-hour entertainment!

She has also begun to drool. Oh man does she drool. The other day I got to work and as I was taking off my scarf my hand came away looking like I had just submerged it in a pool of clear gak (remember that slimy, snot-like stuff made by Nickelodeon). I had only held her long enough to give her a kiss and say goodbye. It's ok though, it gives us a chance to use all the bibs that match her cute outfits!

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