Saturday, January 24

We Survived!

Our first time apart that is.

I don't know that I was as smiley as Miss Nora, but we did it.

While I was in Portland for 3 days, Daddy, Uncle Devon and Mimi all helped watch Nora, and from the photos, it appears she had a good time.

Daddy learned about night feedings for the first time, Mimi washed her first load of Bum Genius pockets, and Uncle Devon got spit up on so much he had to change his shirt.

I brought the Web cam, so I did get to see her briefly during my trip. She was very intrigued (as was Wrigley) by the computer that sounded like mom!

Also while I was gone, she rolled 3 times for Mimi...all while Daddy was in the shower, so he is still yet to see it.

I think he's starting to think we're making stuff up.

All in all, it wasn't quite as bad as I anticipated, but I don't care to do it often. It is, however, nice to know you have a good, caring family to step in when you need them.

Now, I've got to get back to cuddling with the bear and making up for lost time.

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