Thursday, January 1

Happy New Year

Nora is 3 months old already! Though it took me this long to get the blog started, I'm not a complete slacker; I've got a good start on her first scrapbook. If you haven't seen it, come look!

It has been a busy, busy year! Here's a brief recap:
  • In February, just after my 22nd birthday, we found out baby Baugh was expected to arrive on Daddy's birthday, Oct. 16
  • March we went to Madison, Wisc. to celebrate Charlie being such a rockstar salesman. He received an award and a bonus for a combination of his sales numbers and customer satisfaction scores
  • April we finally closed on our house after six months of habitating here, and I got offered a big-kid job at MidAmerican as my internship was coming to a close
  • May Ashly graduated from Iowa State after 17 agonizing years of school in a row (but I'm secretly looking forward to going back for my Master's eventually)
  • June we took a family vacation to Panama City Beach with Mimi, Papaw and Aunt TJ
  • July we celebrated our first wedding anniversary
  • September baby Nora decided to make an early appearance at 35 weeks 5 days gestation

  • December Grandpa Dean passed. We feel so blessed to have had the time we did with him and that he got to meet Nora before he went

Here's to another happy, healthy, memorable year! Cheers.

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