Sunday, January 25

She's Officially a Monkey

Nora enjoyed her first big-kid food ever yesterday. It was just a couple bites, we didn't make a meal of it or anything, but she seemed to enjoy it while it lasted as long as I kept it coming fast enough! As soon as she finished mushing it against the roof of her mouth, she got mad because there wasn't more already.

I don't plan to make this a regular thing just yet, but a taste can't hurt right? OK, maybe I got a little excited...we'll likely wait a while before trying again.

The embedded video was really slowing down the site, so here's a link instead.

One bite got stuck to the roof of her mouth though...she wasn't thrilled. Other than that, it went well and the kids loved getting the leftovers.

Teau ate hers so fast, I didn't get a picture...then she stole Wrigley's and ate his too.

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