Friday, April 3

No Longer Just Adam and Eve (in Iowa)

So this is not my regular milestone, baby, family type post -- its definitely political and its certainly controversial -- but it is also one that deserves to be documented in the scrapbook, so I'm going to go there.

For those of you who have not heard, the bill that made gay marriage illegal was ruled unconstitutional by an unanimous vote of the Iowa supreme court today. I got teary reading the Register article -- this will no doubt be a chapter in the history books right behind the women's movement and the abolishment of slavery, and we lived it.

Now, I love Iowa as much as the next country girl, but I didn't see this coming. I truly didn't think Iowa would ever pass this, let alone be one of the first! I'm not trying to start the next world war on Nora's blog here, and I know many, many people don't agree with the ruling, but without question I believe that the next generation will look back at this and question the narrowmindedness of those who allowed this to be illegal for so long. Gay marriage bans will be viewed in the future as we view patriarchy today.

Its really incredible the historical events that have occurred in the last year. We -- as a state and a nation -- are finally starting to progess again after a couple of lull decades that almost seemed to move backward.

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