Wednesday, April 1

Baby of the Month

Nora's famous. I sent in her photo to a worldwide homemade baby food website and she got an honorable mention! You can see her here. How cool?!?

Speaking of homemade baby food, we tried avacado yesterday. It was my first time trying it too, and I think Nora liked it more than I did.

We've been inching into finger foods, but she doesn't really get the concept yet. Ironically, any- and everything she can get her hands on goes into her mouth...except food I give her to put in her mouth. She just opens wide and waits for me to put it in there for her.

I thought avacado would be a good one to dice instead of puree because it is so soft it just mushes. She did well with it (though daddy was paranoid and came to cut up the chunks smaller). In addition to the chunks of avacado, we have also tried Gerber puffs. I got some banana flavored ones and again, she doesn't pick them up, and she's pretty indifferent to eating them -- doesn't really seem to enjoy nor dislike them.
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