Saturday, April 25

April Showers and May Flowers

After a week of beautiful weather, Nora and I sit here cooped up in the house because it's rainy and yucky outside today.

She's napping on me now (yes, on me -- spoiled girl!), but we've got a special project to work on when she wakes. You'll just have to wait to see what it is!

She's getting so big! I think she's getting ready to start crawling because she gets up on all fours now and rocks back and fourth. Then she gets angry and screams.

Yesterday, I packed up the last of her 3-month sized sleepers. I think she's still got a couple of pairs of 3-6 pants because she's short, but those excluded she's officially in 6-9 month clothes.

This weeks she brought home an art project from day care. She painted the world for Earth Day!

Oh and she officially hates being spoon fed. She's eating "meals" at night time now, but insists on feeding herself. Here she is enjoying a potato and avocado dinner the other day.

I've been slacking on keeping up with all her new foods. Since she is loving anything she can pick up with her fingers, last weekend she had macaroni noodles with olive oil and parmesan cheese.

I cooked the noodles just a little longer than the package recommended, then let them cool completely, and cut them up into bite sized pieces. She loved it, but we think we may have discovered a food allergy. We're going to wait a bit and try again to see if she has a similar reaction.

On Monday, we introduced mango. It is another super easy baby recipe. You just take 1 ripe mango, cut the "fleshy" part from the pit, and slice it from the skin. You can either serve it in chunks or puree it -- No cooking required!

It must have had a bitter-sweet flavor because every bite invoked a reaction like this:

In the end she decided she didn't really care for mango, but we've since tried it with cereal mixed in and I think it tones down the flavor because she tolerates it much better that way.

Well, I think I'm all caught up now! Off to work on the scrapbook, I'm way behind there as well. Have a good weekend all!

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