Tuesday, April 21

Called the Police On My Husband

Did I ever tell this story? For those of you I did tell, no I didn't do it again, I just had a flashback today and thought this story was blog worthy for those who haven't heard it.

This was back around the begining of March. I had been trying to get ahold of him for about 2.5 hours. I was really starting to freak out because he was not answering his phone.

I called day care and he had not dropped Nora off. I called his work and he had not called in (an hour after he was supposed to be there!) Finally, I sent him a text that said "if you don't call me in 10 minutes I'm having someone come check on you!"

He didn't call. I don't know the neighbors, so I did what any rational new mother would do and called the non-emergency police line. I told them what was going on, that I was really worried because he was home with our 6 month old and I was sure something was wrong. Fifteen minutes later I get a call from Charlie... apparently he was just sleeping. He decided he wasn't going to work, but didn't think it was important to tell anyone.

The officer asked him a few questions, making Charlie semi panic that something had happened. He eventually told him his wife was trying to reach him and had become concerned.

I was livid, but relieved. Looking back, it is kind of funny now. Men!

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  1. Eric & I have been laughing about this one since it happened...everytime Eric gets the opportunity to tell the story again, he takes full advantage!
    Love, Mom

  2. LOL...that sounds like something I would do! Josh is HORRIBLE about calling and letting me know when his plans change or is running late, I can count numerous times he has been on his motorcycle...and me home crying thinking he was in an accident....lol!! At least you did something instead of just crying like I'd do!! LOVE YA!

  3. Ha! That is a funny story! I think you did the right thing. Thank goodness he was just sleeping...