Wednesday, April 8

Weekend Ramblings

As I mentioned yesterday, we went to Coralville to watch Aunt TJ's dance competition on Sunday.

Let's start by saying they dominated the whole thing -- ton's of platiunums (I lost count) and her big group number got 149 out of a possible 150 points, making them the highest scoring group of the day. Allison won a coreography award, Holly got first overall for her solo...they were by far, the best group there.

Plus, everyone thought Nora was adorable! Get this -- TJ actually held Nora! Now to fully understand the level of shock this brought when she asked, she has only held her one other time e.v.e.r. and only becuase Mimi made her for a photo.

Saturday we went shopping and bought Nora her first swimsuit. My standards were high because I was persistant that it must be a bikini - come on, look how cute it is!

Later we got to go swimming at the hotel, and she loved it!

After swimming Saturday night, we drove up to Swisher and stayed the night with Aunt Tiffany and Uncle Chris.

Max is getting SO big. He was holding Nora by the ears giving her kisses. It was positively adorable!

Sunday was competition day. We were there from about 9:30 a.m. until aroud 5 when we decided to take off because bad weather was headed our way. I'm glad we got to go though!

I sure am blessed to have such a content baby that lets me drag her around and out and about without a complaint.

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