Sunday, April 12

No Matter How Long the Winter,

Spring is sure to follow.

I know the first day of spring is technically in March, but Easter always seems to be the turning point between winter and spring for me. Suddenly after this holiday, it just feels more spring-y! We had a great weekend filled with family, games and food.

Saturday, we (Nora, Uncle Devon and I) cleaned the house to get ready for guests. Of course we had to make time to play with the puppies and take some photos because, well, no day is complete in the life of Nora without photos to document her day!

Nora is learning to pet gently and Wrigley is learning to like it...

Teau loves to give Nora kisses

Saturday evening, Mimi and Papaw came up, and we had dinner at the Machine Shed with Grandpa Barnes and his family.

Nora snacked on some sweet potato fries, and made a squishy mess -- they were the first finger food she's picked up!

We even had a surprise visit from the Easter bunny!

We stayed up late playing games and drinking margaritas.

Sunday morning daddy, Nora and the furbabies slept in, while Mimi and I got up to start the turkey.

Then Nora got to open her Easter basket!

And try her first mum-mum

Later, we got some pretty pictures of Nora in her Easter dress

It was a good day, and a good weekend. Easter is one of 3 holidays daddy gets to be home with us -- so it is especially special. Hope every one enjoyed the holiday to start another Monday.
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  1. Aw...I love that photo of your dog giving your little girl "kisses." Her expression is priceless! :)

    Happy Easter!

  2. Nora looks adorable in her easter dress!