Saturday, March 21

I Feel Pain, Where's the Gain?

This is totally not Nora related, but yesterday a co-worker and I took a yoga class we found downtown near work. I first started yoga when I was pregnant with Nora, and after she was born we took a few baby n' me classes. Since then my yoga has been limited to a monthly family yoga class, which while fun, isn't that vigorous. None-the-less, the new instructor assured me I'd be fine in her class with the experience I've had.

About 3 minutes into the class, I looked at Tara and admitted I was already sure I would be aching forward to the end of the class. I said, "I take that back, I'm going to be sore today!" And I was right. By the end of the day I was waddling because it hurt to move every muscle in my body. Today is nearing unbearable.

I tell you what though - yoga made me find flexibility I never knew I had. I think it was the pose pictured above that did me in.

In other news, Nora has started reaching when she wants to be held. It is the cutest thing, but it makes me feel guilty when I'm doing something that doesn't allow me to hold her. We also just ordered a baby sign language book and are anxious to get started signing. Daddy is totally on board.

She's getting really good at pushing herself up and sometimes even goes onto her knees -- this usually results in a very angry baby though. I have some great photos and videos to post soon, but for now I've got a long to-do list I need to get started on. Have a great weekend!

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  1. I commend you for even TRYING yoga. My entire body hurts when I even think about touching my toes so I stay away from that type of activity ;)