Sunday, March 22

Never Lie, Cheat, Steal or Drink

"...but if you must lie, lie in the arms of the one you love; if you must cheat, cheat death; if you must steal, steal away from bad company; and if you must drink, drink in the moments that take your breath away."

Yes I did just steal a quote from Hitch, but I like it!

Yesterday, it was gorgeous outside (75 degrees - H-e-llo Spring!)so Nora and I put aside the to-do list and enjoyed it.

We went for a walk.

But then I got scared she was going to get a sunburn, so we headed back home, lathered her up with sunscreen and laid out on the back deck.

Nora thought her umbrella shade was pretty entertaining.

Oh and apparently (unbeknown to me) she is feeding herself bottles now. I just handed this to her and she did the rest!

Nora is sleeping on me know as I blog - I guess that's what inspired the quote - I love her age right now (and I like to think I'm going to love all stages) because she is so cuddly and happy. She actually thinks I'm funny! All the smiles and the giggles, the kisses and hugs, make each day worthwhile. It is so amazing to watch her grow and learn and drink in her surroundings; and I look forward to the new things she will take interest in each day.

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