Monday, March 30

Busy Bees

Nora and I had a busy and productive weekend. Saturday morning we woke up early and headed to Ames for dog food -- yes we drive 40 minutes for dog food -- and knocked out our grocery shopping while we were there. I always feel like such a mutant when I wear her in the moby becuase everyone stares!

It's so convenient though, and apparently comfortable because she has no trouble falling asleep in it.

Saturday evening, we went to our first Energy game with Shannon and Slim courtesy of MidAmerican. Nora stayed awake the whole time -- she was so infatuated with all the people! And, it was a very exciting game.

Nora and Shannon playing
Crazy Chinese lady -- to give her proper credit, I think she was with Red Panda Acrobats or something similar.

Sunday, we cleaned and cooked most the day, and that evening we went to a get together in Ankeny. Nora had a blast with her new friend Oli!
She was talking to him like they'd known each other for years!

How cute are they?!?

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  1. Cute pics! I know what you mean about getting stared at - although we usually get a lot of "Ohhhh, how cuuuuute!" when I'm wearing Oliver.
    And Oli enjoyed getting to know Nora! Hopefully they'll get to play more soon!