Sunday, March 1

Nummy Nanners

Bananas were definitely more popular than carrots. She didn't eat much, but I think she was just tired and ready for her morning nap.

Couldn't have been any easier to make them though - peeled 1 small banana, stuck it in the magic bullet (or food processor or blender) pureed for 3 seconds. Done. I didn't mix any milk in this time, it seemed thin enough as is.

In other news, I listed TomTom on Craigslist yesterday and got 2 responses right away. One family is coming to meet him today, and hopefully take him home. For those who don't know his story, when we were living in Ames a co-worker of mine was going to take him to the shelter because she didn't want him anymore. Me being the push-over animal lover I am felt bad because he was already full grown and I was afraid he wouldn't get adopted.

So we took in Stinkface with the intention of finding him a forever home eventually. Here were are 3 years later. We have since renamed him TomTom and he has been a part of the family ever since.

He really is a good cat. He is very affectionate and needs lots of attention - which would be great if we didn't have 3 other creatures and a baby - I think he will be happier in a home where he is the center of attention.

Oh and speaking of needy creatures, Wrigley is finally going in for the big snip tomorrow! We're not sure if he just hit puberty or if he's jealous of the kid, but he has started marking his territory all over the house.

It took us a few weeks to even figure out it was him because it's very out of character for him, but he finally gave away too many clues. We thought it was one of the cats the whole time until spots started appearing on the oven, curtains and doors inches from the ground...that really narrowed down the number of possible culprits. Cross your fingers for him everything goes well.
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