Tuesday, March 10

It's an Ear Infection, But It's Not an Ear Infection

but we're going to treat it like an ear infection. These are the words of wisdom that came from Nora's pediatrician's mouth today when Charlie took her in after our third night of being up all night trying to console our normally-angelic-sleeper of a child who just could not be comforted.

As I posted yesterday, she had shots Friday, so we just attributed the fussiness and fever to that, even though she'd never had a reaction to them before. Last night we concluded it must be something more.

She was prescribed ammoxicillin and will, hopefully, be back to her normal, cheery self tomorrow.

On a happy note, we found out yesterday that Grandpa Barnes is coming to Des Moines for Easter. Since I normally only see him once a year at Christmas, this is a welcome surprise.
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  1. Poor Bear! Hope you feel better soon!
    Hugs & Kisses,